Big Country Raw Brisket Beef Bone, 2-lb
Big Country Raw Brisket Beef Bone, 2-lb

Big Country Raw Brisket Beef Bone, 2-lb

Frozen Food

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Size : 2-lb

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Recreational  Chewing Bone

Big Country Raw Meaty Bones – Beef Soft Rib Shank or Brisket Bone

Ontario Sourced Beef
Hormone & Antibiotic Free
50/50 Meat to Fat Ratio – offer in moderation.

This bone is a bit of an “in between”.  It’s not a hardened bone or a weight bearing bone so it might be classified as a meal bone for some large and extra large breeds.  However, for most dogs this would be a chew bone.  To be enjoyed for awhile and discarded before crunching down on all the tasty bone bits.

You can decide what works best for your pet.  If they’ve previously enjoyed eating this entire bone without any reason for concern (e.g. constipation can be common after eating) you can allow them to consume entirely.  If this is a new bone for your pet, feed supervised and make the best decision based on your pets

Keep raw bones frozen until ready to use.

To thaw, we recommend thawing in a refrigerator for at least 6 to 12 hrs.  Once thawed we recommend serving within 3 days. Not intended for human consumption.

Raw bones may pose a potential hazard to dogs and cats. Always supervise your pet when feeding raw bones.

Ideal chewing technique should include removal of the meat, cartilage and sinews without fully consuming the bone. Forceful chewing that results in cracking the bone may increase risks of choking and the potential for tooth fractures. Once the bare bone is visible, we suggest discarding the bone.